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In Taco Kween it's always your choice: sit in or take away. Be my guest every Tuesday and Saturday 18-21:30 for Tacos and Sundays from 12-16:30 at Donaustrasse 115 where you can eat at the place or pick up any item on the take away menu.

And Thursdays are Taco Thursday with the best Margaritas in town at Geist im Glas on Lenaustrasse 27 every Thursday from 18-21:30.

Taco Kween's take away service is available for pick up Tuesdays and Sundays from 12:30-18:30 at the Donau115 in Donaustrasse 115, Neukölln. Please order at least 2 days in advance. You just have to warm up your meal on a stove, oven or microwave.

The food is vacuum packaged and can be kept safe in the fridge and consumed up to 3 days later for meat, or up to 5 days later for salsas or beans. Tortillas keep safe in fridge for up to 10 days or can be frozen for months. If you can resist...

Do you want your Tacos, Tortillas or other products another day? send me an e-mail for individual catering prices.

Place your orders here. Pick up your meals at the booked time at the Donaustrasse 115 in Neukölln, just around the corner from U7 Rathaus Neukölln and U7 + U8 Hermannplatz.


Since 2013 I have been cooking traditional Mexican food, as well as dishes of my own creation. My passion and goal is to introduce Berliners to the rich gastronomy of the different Mexican regions. Above all, this is an invitation to enjoy the warm flavors of my home.

In this journey I will treat you to the best ingredients and the most traditional execution of ancestral cuisine.

All corn products and the tortillas,  are hand made from scratch;  I scout the best organic corn from a local source, grind it in the mill and press them.

Consciousness and sustainability are the cornerstone of my business, I am constantly looking for ways to have as little waste as possible, as well as using recyclable, reusable materials, transport by bicycle and supporting local friends and industries.




Private or business events

Surprise your guests with Taco Kween´s catering service. Sweet or savory, finger food, or seated service; let me know your needs.

Contact at with your Mexican wish for your event, number of the guests and date, for a personal offer.


Turn your kitchen into a cocina mexicana

Celebrate an authentic Mexican meal together with your family and friends right at home. I do the shopping for you and cook at your place, while sharing some of the secrets and history of the Mexican gastronomy.

Contact me at with your wishes, expected number of guests and date of the event.




“The tacos from Taco Kween were  my favorite food at the Bite Club”

- Eat Your World

“tasty little mounds of pork….”

- Stil in Berlin

 “Jorge Armando mans the comal at Bite Club. If tender cochinita pibil (Yucatecan stewed pork)  on tiny hecho a mano tortillas doesn’t  set your mouth watering, try veggie specials  like mushroom-zucchini tacos and piña al pastor  (grilled, spiced pineapple with melted cheese)"

- Exberliner

 “bei Taco Kween, wo Spezialitäten aus Yucatán  angeboten werden, hat sich die Schlange mehrfach  gewunden in sich selbst verschlungen"

- Tip Berlin


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