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How to warm up Taco Kween's tortillas and other ways to use them.

Real corn tortillas are the main character on a Mexican dish. The foundation of the taco. Here is a little guide on how to keep your tortillas, warm them up an make the best use of them.

Corn will loose water constantly, the gluten-free quality also makes it free of binding water to your tortilla; to prevent your tortillas from drying up an give them a longer shelf life I vacuum package them. Once the package is open keep them closed tight in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

To warm up your tortillas use a non-stick or for best results a cast iron pan; slowly warm it up, and as soon as a drop of water evaporates as soon as it touches the pan, it is hot enough to warm up the tortillas.

Place the tortilla on the pan, and move it around lightly, so it gets all the warmth evenly, push it a bit with a wooden or silicon spatula and turn it after 20-25 seconds. Warm up the other side for anouther 20-30 seconds and take it out from the pan; once done, your tortilla is ready to take in any filling, salsa and become a taco!

keep tortillas warm in a clean kitchen towel, and if possible in a thermic bag.

If the tortillas got a bit stale, you can sparkle some water on them and warm them like these on the pan.

If they got dry, you can turn them into chips.... cut them in triangles or use them whole for tostadas. Fry them in hot oil until crispy or for a healthier version, bake them in a pre-heated 175°c oven for 12 minutes. Use them for dipping a salsa or beans; or to make chilaquiles!

Tostadas have a 6 month shelf life.

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